For Sellers:

Is it time to sell your home? Our home are typically are largest financial investment. More often they are a place of history for us. Parting with our homes can be very exciting times.

Selling your home in Colorado can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be stressful. My experience in Colorado as a Realtor allows me to prepare you for selling your home. Often times I know more about your neighborhood than the locals. Selling Real Estate in Colorado for so many years has provided me with a rich network to reach out to when it comes time to list your home.

When preparing to sell your home I often provide assistance on many different levels. Some of which include:

- Advice on effectively preparing your home for showing to potential buyers
- Handing offers and the many differences that come from receiving multiple offers
- How to prepare your home for a home inspection
- Handing repair negotiations
- Preparing for your move
- Understanding your closing paperwork.